Attention customers!

We will be closing for the Winter season Nov 15th!

Hours of operation:

5pm-10pm Tuesday – Friday

1pm-10pm Saturday

We are closed Sundays and Mondays


The Frozen Rickshaw is a food trailer located in Austin, TX  serving up the coolest and tastiest Asian-influenced treats!  Our menu focuses primarily on serving up traditional and unique flavors of homemade ice cream, handmade Mochi ice cream, and Asian-influenced beverages.  All these unique ice cream flavors are available as scoops.  A few select flavors are available as handmade Mochi, and the Mochi flavors rotate weekly.



“What’s Mochi Icecream?”


Mochi Ice Cream is a Japanese confection made with a soft fluffy dough made from sticky rice and filled with various delicious ice cream flavors.  Mochi is popular all over Asia, Hawaii, and is starting to become popular in Western culture.

mochiz     pandamochi

“What makes Frozen Rickshaw’s Ice Cream so special?”

ice_cream mintchip

While most  ice cream recipes call for mostly heavy cream, our recipes contain a much greater proportion of whole milk to heavy cream-meaning our ice cream is less fatty. Having a less fatty ice cream results in a lighter texture that does not coat your entire mouth in fat- so the flavors will seem more intense!  Our delicious sorbet flavors happen to all be vegan. We take pride in the fact that we use real fruits, seeds, nuts, and herbs for our ingredients, so don’t be alarmed if you find pieces of coffee bean in our coffee flavor!

In addition to Mochi and Ice Cream, we also serve Asian-influenced beverages such as Lychee-Rose Fizzy Floats, Chrysanthemum-Passion Fruit tea, and Tong Sui.

fizzyfloat   chryspassion

The Frozen Rickshaw is located just north of UT near Trudy’s and Spiderhouse:

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13 thoughts on “

  1. Ever since I first heard of mochi ice cream, I was obsessed with finding some to try. Sadly I could not find a single place in Austin! I finally got to try it when I visited Miami, and ever since, I’ve been jonesing for more. I’m looking forward to your reopening in spring. How about some passionfruit or red bean flavors? Mm mmm!

  2. I’ve done every waffle in Austin, and you might possibly make the best one in town. Love the note of cinnamon. Very nice.

    1. Thanks, Errol! Glad you like our waffles so much and it’s always great to have you around!

  3. I would love to take my daughter here, I know mochi is traditionally gluten free but as she has celiac disease I want to double check that you guys are in fact GF. I’ve seen some variations on the recipe before. So do you guys have GF options?

    1. My mochis are made with gluten-free ingredients, but the mochis aren’t made in a gluten-free kitchen. I hope this helps!

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